Posture – The Key to Lasting Physical Improvement

We can change the inside of our bodies, our appearance, even our height simply by learning good posture and how to hold our bodies in proper alignment. 


Yes stretching leads to more flexibility and agility but if done with poor posture and a body that is misaligned movement will be limited.  A door can’t freely swing if the door frame is not straight and the hinges aren’t set right.  With a focus on proper posture and alignment while stretching flexibility and agility is further increased.


Correcting your posture also allows your organs to sit properly inside your body, giving them the chance to run optimally.  For example if you stand with your ribcage tilted to one side it can squash your kidney and impair its function.  Slouching, which often occurs sitting in front of the computer, hinders the diaphragm from descending properly with each breath.  This impacts the lungs and decreases the amount of oxygen going into the blood stream.  


Working on correct posture decompresses the spine and will make you taller.  And I don’t mean you will just feel taller, work on your posture and you can grow up to an inch. 

With bathing suit season approaching proper posture becomes even more important.  Standing with proper posture automatically pulls your stomach in without you having to think about it.  It’s because a pelvis that sits in alignment on your legs adds tone to the midriff muscles.


Those with good posture, who stand tall, gain tone in the midriff, and open up through their neck and shoulders appear more confident.  Stand tall and reach the crown of your head to the ceiling, don’t you feel stronger? 


With proper posture and alignment you will also feel lighter because you will be free of muscle tightness and pain.  Think back to slouching.  Often this position causes tightness and pain in the upper back and in the neck.     


Are you worried about joint pain or loss of mobility as you age?  Start thinking about your posture and alignment!  Walking and standing with poor posture puts extra stress and strain on your joints, especially the knees and hips.  Over time these joints will let you know just how bad they are feeling. 


One last reason to think about posture and alignment…balance!  Decrease your chances of falling with proper posture and alignment.  Compromised balance can be the result of your head not properly positioned on the spine. 


At Healthy Habits we believe that posture and alignment are the root of lasting physical improvement and we focus on it with our clients each and every session.

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