Osteopathy is a manual therapy that once was provided in Canadian hospitals and health care.

The practitioner assesses the client with a detailed health history and physical exam to uncover any possible root causes to the current issue. Osteopathy treats the body as a whole unit understanding that one organ dysfunction, or structural misalignment will affect all others.

To help the body heal and correct towards improved health often entails correcting issues distant from the source of pain and dysfunction.

Healthy Habits - Osteopathy

Fluid Movement

Osteopaths use manual treatment to improve fluid movement and reduce tissue congestion. Once the fluid movement is restored, fresh nutrients can reach the area and waste is removed. Symptoms start to improve.

Treated Issues

Commonly treated issues with Osteopathy include Back, Hip, and Knee Pain, TMJ, Gerd, Acid Reflex, COPD, Incontinence, Menstrual Issues, SIBO and Colitis as a few.

Regular osteopathic treatments help patients and clients age with grace and correct issues before they escalate.
We work collaboratively with physicians and other referral health care providers to ensure well rounded care.

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