Correcting Posture Imbalances

posture cropped

Muscles and movement are integrated into body-wide fascial webbing. Myofascia refers to muscle tissue and its web of connective(fascial)tissue.

Fascia is the thin celophane-like covering that you can see covering the chicken breast when the skin is pulled back. Strains, tension, fixation and compensation are distributed throughout fascial lines and fascial webbing – so painful problems in one area of the body can be linked to other areas that are completely asymptomatic.

Modern medicine has excelled at the reductionist model (reducing the body to smaller and smaller parts to understand individual units). With anatomy the reductionist model has translated into athletic injury and posture imbalances being approached as isolated faulty mechanisms. Myofascial therapy studies the physical ‘relationship’ (knee bone connected to the thigh bone) of the body, so how one body part affected is effected by the whole.

Your body is a synergistic system stringingall