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Melissa has an in-depth understanding of nutritional biochemistry.
As a former athlete pushing the boundaries of endurance sports and how to fuel for these endeavors she has learned the nuance of individual nutritional needs.  With formal education in lipid biochemistry and as a Registered Nutritional Practitioner she designs nutritional programs for Parkinson’s, arthritis, diabetes, and digestive disorders as a few examples.  Over the years our nutrition programs have helped people lose weight and regain control of their underlying health issues. Clients often do our detox kits to help kick start their journey into better food choices and better health while implementing long term changes.

Healthy Habits - Nutrition Programs

What are the benefits of a Nutrition Program?

Nutritional guidance involves personalized advice and support from our professional practitioners, helping individuals make informed and health-conscious decisions about their diet. Our aim is to optimize your nutrition for specific health goals, manage weight, address dietary restrictions, and enhance overall well-being.

Is the Nutrition Program a one-size-fits-all approach?

Nutritional guidance is not a one-size-fits-all approach, Our Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting nutrition programs are  tailored to each person's unique circumstances, preferences, and health objectives.

What should I expect during a Nutritional Guidance consultation?

Our professionally trained nutritionist/dietitian will assess your current dietary habits, lifestyle, and health goals, working with you to create a personalized nutrition plan aligning with your objectives and fitting into your daily routine.  Consults may cover topics such as meal planning, portion control, nutrient balance, and strategies for overcoming specific challenges or dietary concerns.

Do I need to commit to a Nutrition Program?

The frequency of nutritional guidance and on-going check-in's can vary based on individual needs and goals. Some individuals may benefit from a single consultation to receive general advice, while others may prefer on-going support for more comprehensive lifestyle changes and accountability.  Periodic check-ins with a Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting nutrition professional can help ensure that your plan remains aligned with your evolving needs and goals.

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