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The Tupperware Series

Small groups gather for their regular meetings and Melissa addresses the group with a tailored nutrition or health topic that is top of mind.

We call it the Tupperwear Series because it is like our Mother’s used to do to sell and buy household goods, gather and chatter to solve the issue at hand.  These are always well attended and now with the zoom platform we hope to reach more of you and your family and friends on Thursday night talks.

These seminars are always a hit and complimentary goodie bags and syllabus accompany the event to help kick start a few of the new learned habits.

Suggested Topics Include:

Large Group Speaks

Corporate Workshops and Off-site Meetings

Our expert practitioners at Healthy Habits discuss the benefits of improved posture and flexibility for your organization through engaging and effective group sessions to elevate your collective well-being.

Suggested Topics Include:



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Our formula is structured around ‘permanent physical change’, creating lasting effects from participation.

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