The Healthy Habits Difference

Healthy Habits understands the key to being agile, maintaining physical ability and improving sports performance is greater than conditioning the muscles and the heart. Lasting physical performance is rooted in posture and alignment—not stronger or bigger muscles.

Fascial Fitness

Fascial Fitness is the new dawn of fitness. Fitness focused on fascia serves to increase physical potential by focusing on re-alignment and neutral posture that serves to increase ability in all movement patterning. From golf, tennis or taking the stairs with no pain or stiffness, Fascial Fitness techniques lengthen and strengthen restricted movement.

  • If you feel stiff after activity, have joint soreness after sitting, or find your workout return benefit is diminishing, it might be tightness in your fascia.
  • Fascia is the sheath encasing muscles and bones and it will restrict muscle potential and drag someone into poor posture and poor health.
  • No amount of cardio conditioning, abdominal exercises or random stretches will stop agility loss. It is the fascia that needs to be trained.
  • Fascial fitness directly targets posture restrictions and imbalances along Fascia chains. A sore low back can be caused by a tight, restricted shoulder that affects the musculature of the back.

Fascial fitness brings us full circle to where I started with training gymnasts, which essentially was ensuring alignment, symmetry in the body with tension in the right places to optimize potential and create permanent physical change. Fascial Fitness is deliberate, progressive and specific. It unleashes tension through the lines of movement used most often. It is functional, practical, ensures fluid movement geared towards achieving permanent physical change.