Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that utilizes negative pressure (suction) to release blood, body fluids, and metabolic waste from tissue and bring it to the surface to be broken down and carried out through the circulation and lymphatic systems.

This allows new oxygenated blood to flow into the area and bring nutrients to the area to promote healing.

Healthy Habits - Cupping

How is Cupping Performed?

Cupping in the TCM setting is most commonly performed by placing heat within glass cups and applying it to the body. The warmth within the cup creates the suction with negative pressure. Silicone and/or plastic cups can also be used. The cups are placed on a selected area, creating a vacuum seal and pulling effect that draws fluids to the surface.

What Can I Expect from the Treatment?

Cupping therapy tends to relieve tension, drain excess fluids and toxins, loosen adhesions, and revitalize connective tissue. This modality can increase blood flow to the skin and muscles, stimulate the peripheral nervous system, reduce pain, and modulate the immune system.

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