Fascial Stretch

Fascial stretch is a facilitated deep tissue release to correct posture and structural imbalances.  The client resists the pressure of the practitioner and on the rest cycle the tendon relaxes and new boundaries to the tissue is achieved.  Practitioners also use long, deep tissue pressure to help release restrictions even further.  Clients get an immediate response to Fascial Stretch techniques and report feeling taller, in better alignment and posture, and restored ease of movement and mobility. 

Fascial stretch therapy is included in all fitness training sessions or it can be booked as a full Fascial Stretch Therapy on its own.

Healthy Habits - Fascial Stretch Therapy

Clients always feel improved after just one treatment.

What is Fascial Stretch?

Fascial Stretch is a form of manual therapy  targeting the fascial system, the connective tissue surrounding muscles, bones, and joints.  Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting therapy sessions are customizable, making it suitable for various needs and adapting to address specific concerns or goals.

How does Fascial Stretch differ from traditional stretching?

Unlike traditional stretching, which often focuses solely on muscles, Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting practitioners guide and stretch the fascia in a multidimensional manner. Aiming to improve flexibility, mobility, and overall function by addressing restrictions in the fascial system.

Who can benefit from Fascial Stretch?

Fascial Stretch is beneficial for individuals of all fitness levels and backgrounds. It can be particularly helpful for athletes looking to improve performance, along with individuals dealing with chronic pain or stiffness, and those seeking to enhance flexibility and joint mobility.  Some individuals notice improvements after just one session, while others may require a series of sessions for more lasting effects. Incorporating Fascial Stretch Therapy into a regular routine can contribute to cumulative and sustainable benefits over time. 

What can I expect during a Fascial Stretch session?

A typical session involves a trained Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting practitioner guiding you through a series of assisted stretches and movements. You may be positioned on a treatment table, with your practitioner gently manipulating your limbs to target specific fascial lines and joints. The process often involves both stretching and mobilization techniques. 

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