Fascial Posture Training System

Expand your knowledge of the fascial system and how to release intrinsic postural restrictions.

The Fascial Posture Training System was designed for Personal Trainers, Athletic Therapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, and the advanced fitness enthusiast in mind.  The program delves into the organization of the fascial system and how postural restrictions limit our patients and clients’ successes. 

Melissa Putt

When stretching, strengthening, and micro movement patterning fail to shift clients to improve, FASCIAL POSTURE TRAINING can often help.

The program is outlined in five in-depth modules that will teach hands-on techniques to release fascial restrictions, and postural holding patterns. Forward head posture, upper and lower cross positions and Center of Gravity imbalances are addressed. Healthy Habits is partnered with CPTN, Canadian Personal Trainers Network who host the online course and co-ordinate the yearly live sessions. Sign up today to elevate your practice towards greater results and earn 5 CEC’s.

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Melissa Putt

Founder, Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting

What to Expect

Learn the Biochemistry of Fascia & How it Works

This module will ensure an understanding of the fluid dynamics of fascia, the fascial biochemistry ebb and flow and how cells and hormones interact in the fascia so it becomes easier to understand the different types of tension in the fascia and joint lines.  Treating and releasing these tensions will start to make more sense and have a specific tissue feel. 
Not all tensions are released with the same techniques.  You will learn to feel the differences.

Muscle Testing for Fascial Restrictions

Learn how to test for muscle imbalance, weaknesses, neuropathies, and injury.  Once you establish the check list of issues in the tissues then you can start to release fascial restrictions that limit client progress.

Fascial Posture Holding Patterns

Learn how to read the five basic fascial lines and how one fascial line of pull can relate to the next. Learn to integrate the fascial posture reading to improve on your exercise prescription to help correct postural imbalances with long-term results.

Fascial Pin & Release

This is the hands on, deep in the fascial tissue techniques. Learn to pin the restricted issue, have the client engage with the process, and release the tissue tension.  Clients will feel immediate benefit and retesting the restriction will confirm the new range of motion. 
Mission accomplished on a long-term basis for the client.

Progress in the Fascia

Learn movement patterns that will set the new joint range of motion and tissue length with proprioception follow-up exercises.  Clients who do the prescribed exercise progress to new freedom of mobility, increase athletic ability and far fewer injury and pain cycles. 

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Fascial Posture Training is an online course provided through the Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN) Inc.



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