FASCIAL Eldoa Exercise

Fascia is a connective tissue. It holds joints and muscles in place.  Fascial training is about helping to mold fascia to make space along every joint in the body. Regained joint space changes posture and allows for one to absorb impact better, improve joint pain such as osteoarthritis, and avoid injury from sports or regular movement patterns.  It is the most highly innervated tissue in the body.

Our training programs at Healthy Habits aim to improve the quality of fascia and posture which is held by fascia.  Fascial training responds to hands-on manual therapy followed by specific exercise that open the joint line allowing the supply of blood, nerve, artery and vein to improve.

Fascia has been mapped throughout the body. Below are three general fascial line sketches that show how fascia connects distant parts of the body into one cohesive line of connective tissue.  Through this we see how ones pain can be distant to an injury as tension impacts an entire fascial line.

Eldoas and Fascia Stretch: Addressing Pain and Movement

Eldoa exercises are specific to the Osteopathic philosophy. Eldoas and fascial stretch are exercises that decompress tensions along the spinal column fascia, from the cervical spine to the sacrum.  By putting the body in specific positions under precise tension allows the fascia to glide and slide over its many layers opening each segment.  This allows for much improved nerve supply to organs and the periphery.

Clients FEEL different after every session.  They feel smoother in their motion, more spring in their step and lighter in their overall physique. Fascial exercise is deliberate and results oriented, every time you do it.