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Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting is committed to its multidisciplinary system integrating osteopathic manual therapies, posture assessments, corrective exercise, fascial stretching, and varied massage techniques with detailed nutritional guidance. 

Our techniques are rooted in the belief that posture and alignment are the keys to greater mobility, agility, and lasting physical improvement.

Melissa Putt

Founder, Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting

Melissa launched Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting in 1989 after cycling and running solo on endurance adventures through Europe and Northern Africa. She went on to be an elite distance runner training under the Toronto Olympic banner, maintaining a top ten Canadian ranking for much of her athletic career.

Healthy Habits - Melissa Putt
Michelle Pereira

Michelle Pereira

Office Administrator

Hello! I’m Michelle, your Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting Administrator!
I specialize in administrative tasks with over 10+ years of experience in customer service in business.

I am responsible for invoicing and payments, ensuring a smooth and efficient billing process.

Additionally, I manage our social media platforms that are filled with engaging content that captivates our clients wants and needs.

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Inspiring testimonials from our clients who not only noticed improvements in their posture and alignment, but also the profound positive effects of their overall well-being.

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Our expert practitioners  at Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting discuss the benefits of improved posture and flexibility for your organization through engaging and effective group sessions to elevate your collective well-being.

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