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At Healthy Habits Nutrition and Fitness Consulting we have built our service around a tenet of Osteopathy, that being, ‘your body s’ structure is affecting its’ function.’ Essentially, your bones, muscles and organs align within your body and will affect how you function and age. If you want to feel better, have less pain, more energy, then an integrated approach to address your alignment and tissue quality will help get your results. With a foundational philosophy based in Osteopathy and years of experience in Nutritional Biochemistry and Fascial Fitness we help people function better and feel great.

Our program connects all the dots for health and wellness. Optimize your structure, organize your nutrition, and create movement and fitness programming that improves YOU.

Melissa Putt,

Melissa Putt
Melissa Putt

Pain Management and Peak Performance

We integrate osteopathic manual therapies, connective tissues and fascial exercises with detailed nutritional guidance and detox kits to create a permanent physical change. 

Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting philosophy is based in correcting towards optimal posture. We believe that even small misalignments of spine and joints can and do cause pain and impede organ function, sports ability and normal gait. 

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Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting specializes in enhancing posture and alignment, utilizing techniques such as Fascial Stretch Therapy.
Our skilled practitioners assess individual needs, offering tailored sessions helping to release tension, improve flexibility and promote optimal body alignment for lasting postural wellness.

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At Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting, we pride ourselves on the impact our services have on our clients lives.
These inspiring testimonials highlight not only the noticeable improvements in their posture and alignment but also the profound positive effects of their overall well-being.

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Our expert practitioners at Healthy Habits Nutrition & Fitness Consulting discuss the benefits of improved posture and flexibility for your organization through engaging and effective group sessions to elevate your collective well-being.

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Building a Foundation for Health:

Integrative Solutions for Osteopathy, Posture, and Nutrition

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Posture is the key to pain management
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