Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time of renewed energy, I like to use the changes of the season to re-examine my routine and check to see that everything is in balance.  Like exercise, if you aren’t in balance you may find yourself working hard but not achieving the results you want to achieve.

Exercise with your body out of alignment and instead of seeing results you’ll find yourself with an injury. 

Work too hard without giving yourself breaks and your mental and physical self will suffer, think illness.

Have a look at your work / life balance, how are you doing?  Are you getting time to de-stress each day?  Are you getting between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a night?

What does your exercise routine look like?  Are you always doing the same exercises?  Are you ignoring the importance of fascia, mobility and stretching?

How is your nutrition?  Are you eating well most of the time but also allowing yourself the occasional treat?  If yes, that is great.  Now have a look at when you are eating, do the majority of calories come in at the end of the day?  If yes you need to balance your day by moving more food to breakfast and lunch.

To help you examine your routine keep a daily journal of what you are eating and drinking and when.  Also record your exercise for the day, your stress levels, and the number of hours of sleep you get each night.

Being mindful of your routine is very important, you may be surprised at what you find when you actually write it down.

Keeping a food journal increases your chances of successfully losing weight by 50%.

So give journaling a go and Happy Spring Cleaning!