Carbohydrate Depleted Endurance Training

In today’s Globe and Mail Alex Hutchison wrote an article on the merits of training / exercising ’empty.’
This is a method I have been advocating for 25years.
Essentially it calls for exercising on anempty stomach 3-6hours away from the last meal.
This is an easy route for your body to directly access fat stores for fuel. This is the lipolysis pathway. (lypolytic pathway)
With normal blood sugar levels and slightly depleted glycogen stores (this is the storage form of carbohydrates)
your body will fire up the enzymes for fat metabolism immediately. If you have fueled with sugar or gel packs the blood sugar rises, and the body will choose the sugars for fuel rather than go searching for fat for fuel. I believe that fuelling with constant supply of carbohydrates is inefficient and will cause many people to actually gain weight rather than loose fat because there is a constant demand for higher blood sugar and no burning of fat.
Like any other part of training this take will take practise to master. The more often you do not fuel for short workouts the more efficient the enzymatic pathway will become allowing you to go longer and longer durations without ‘fuel.’ You will still need fluidsrich