Nutrition Over the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing.  Hopefully everyone is practising moderation…a bit more sugar, a bit more alcohol.  But no binges!

Keep in mind that unhealthy foods, including sugar and alcohol loaded beverages, are all treats.  If you have five Christmas parties one week and splurge at each one…treats are no longer treats.  They are now a part of your routine.  Come January it is hard work getting rid of your new bad habits!

Give yourself permission to modify your regular eating and treat yourself a few times, but stick to your healthy eating routine more often.

Here are some holiday party survival tips:

Stay clear of anything deep fried.

Stay clear of smoked, cured or highly salted foods (your liver will thank you)

Look for veggies and load up.

Other healthy food choices include a small handful of plain nuts (crack open some walnuts), thumb size portion of hard cheese, veggies and hummus, shrimp, clementine, figs.

Not so bad…crackers and hummus, candy cane, gingerbread, a couple of holiday cookies, dark chocolate.

Some examples of treats are eggnog, mixed drinks, stuffing and cakes.

Enjoy wine in moderation, spritzers, Perrier with lemon or lime, or cranberry juice and soda.

Don’t skip meals and arrive hungry to holiday parties, it is hard to make healthy choices when your stomach is growling.

And remind yourself why you are being so good.  You’ll have more energy, less digestive complaints and less illness.  And when January comes you’ll easily slip back to your regular  healthy eating routine, no New Year’s resolutions required.