Healthy Homemade Broth Recipe

Broth is the best way to assimilate calcium and prebiotics which are nutrients that feed the gut flora.

It is easy to make and is best done with organic ingredients. All you’ll need is a cooking pot and a strainer.

Here are the steps you can follow at home to make your own healthy broth!


Meat still on the bone

Chopped or sliced onions



Sea salt and freshly ground pepper


Simmer a pot of spring water

Add the meat ON THE BONE to the simmering water

Gradually add the onions, celery, carrots or any other root vegetable

Sea salt, ground pepper

Let simmer while you sip a glass of wine;)

After several hours, strain out the big stuff. The broth should be fairly clear and is rich in essential fats, calcium, potassium and anti-microbial nutrients.

Broth is the best source of available ELECTROLYTES. Good bye Gatorade!