Daily Detox to To Optimize Focus and Fitness

By incorporating daily habits that allow for cellular function to upregulate improving your metabolism and elimination of toxic by-products we can all strive to improve our mind and body. 

This 3 part series is an in-depth collection discussing what foods detoxify your body and their beneficial effects on your body and mind.

PART 1 – Cleaning the cell

Detoxification is a process of cleansing, nourishing, and resting the body from the inside out. It works by addressing the needs of individual cells, the smallest units of human life. Detoxification helps revitalize elimination organs keeping you as clean on the inside as your daily shower keeps you on the outside.

Disturbed cellular function is the basis of disease and lowered mental and physical performance. Detoxification can improve the health of the whole body by essentially taking out the trash or by-products of your metabolism. Unlike medical interventions for healing which approach human health in a reductionist model – one organ at a time – detoxification helps to revitalize all the detoxification organs, skin, kidney, liver, lungs, lymph, spleen and blood.

The circulatory and lymphatic systems remove accumulated waste from cells. Your cells sweat by-products from food metabolism, lactic acid from exercise and environmental toxins which are shipped out via the blood stream to the kidneys and liver. If by-product is not shipped out for filtration waste accumulates and the cell begins to poison itself. YOU FEEL FOGGY, LETHARGY, LACKING IN PEP.

Daily detoxification is upregulated as you sleep and will be improved by:

  • Dietary change to address whole body inflammation, gut flora, digestion
  • Nutritional supplementation to increase two phases of liver filtering
  • Sauna therapy to enhance the elimination of fat-stored pesticide metabolites, improve circulation, and up-regulate the metabolism

Continue Reading Part Two of this 3 part series to learn a few daily habits that will keep cell membranes clean and functioning optimally.

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