Happy New Year!

Traditionally it is the time of year to make resolutions.  Unfortunately for most we find ourselves making the same resolutions again January 2014.  To help you keep yours here’s a tip…

Make sure your resolution is a WANT and not a SHOULD. 

For example, everyone wants to be healthier because they know that they should.  But why do you WANT to be healthier.  What is your motivation?  Take some time and think about this.  Breaking your resolutions down into baby steps with realistic time lines will also increase your chances of success.

Let me suggest my top 5 tips on how to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.   

Eat Breakfast 

Make sure to include quality protein like full-fat yogurt, eggs, or nuts and seeds.  A nutrient packed breakfast will give you mental and physical energy and reduce your chances of unhealthy foods and/or binging later in the day.

Keep a Food Diary

Recording what you eat and drink throughout the day stops mindless eating and helps you strategize and build new healthy eating habits.

Keep Moving

Regular exercise, walking, taking the stairs, and stretches at your desk will help you stay energized, strong and mobile.

De-stress Daily

Don’t use caffeine, alcohol, chocolate or other unhealthy foods or drinks to unwind.  Find other activities to help you relax such as reading, a favourite television show, herbal tea, massage or a walk.  De-stress every day.


Your body needs 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night.  Without this sleep your hormones will be out of balance and your energy will suffer.  It is also difficult to implement other healthy habits such as a good diet with lack of sleep (see our blog Weight-Loss, Diet, Exercise and Sleep published August 2, 2012).

Wishing you much health and happiness in 2013!