Functional Movement Screening

At Healthy Habits we believe that posture and alignment are the root of lasting physical improvement. 

Because of our belief we are cutting edge in the health industry.  We spend considerable amount of time learning about our clients’ bodies so we can put together the best exercise plan for each individual.  Because we focus first on creating a balanced and functional body, our clients are able to achieve and maintain their health goals.

One tool we use to assess a client’s posture and alignment is the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) ranking and grading system. Through FMS, movement patterns that are key to normal function are screened and functional limitations and asymmetries identified.  Our trainers, who are all FMS certified, can customize our clients’ programs to include appropriate corrective exercises to address limitations and restore balance.

A client may be surprised to find that he or she was not able to efficiently execute the movements in the screen although they are performing their daily activities without difficulty.  But those who score poorly on the screens are using compensatory movement patterns during regular activities.  If these compensations continue or are strengthened during exercise these sub-optimal movement patterns are reinforced and an injury may be just around the corner.

FMS corrective exercises are unique in that they follow a linear path from basic mobility to basic stability to movement-pattern retraining.  The mobility exercises focus on joint range of motion, tissue length and muscle flexibility.  Stability exercises demand posture, alignment, balance and control of forces within the newly available range and without the support of compensatory stiffness or muscle tone.  Once mobility and stability is obtained the movement pattern retraining exercises are used to reinforce coordination and timing.

When it is time to retest clients it is great to see their bodies performing differently, with proper posture and alignment.  And it doesn’t take an expert to notice the difference, our clients love the way they feel.  They feel lighter, less restricted and in the end they feel stronger.