Fascial Training

The Fascial Posture Training System Course is an accredited 2-day seminar designed to equip practitioners with a fundamental, practical understanding of the Fascial System and how it relates to postural alignment, fitness, and overall physical wellness.

  1. Learn How the Fascial System works
    Get an in-depth knowledge of the fascial system which is critical to affect physical change.
  2. Muscle Testing to Highlight Fascial Tension
    Learn how to release chronic issues with very specific techniques.
  3. 5 Major Fascial Lines
  4. Posture Reading Through the Fascial Lines
    Correct postural and alignment issues with more precision and efficiency.
  5. Facilitated ‘Fascial Pinning, Stretching, and Releasing
    Tools to improve the quality and long term outcomes of client progress.


FPTS is accredited through CANFITPRO and CPTN (Earn 4 CEC’s).