Fascial Posture Training In Action

This is a picture taken during our Fascial Posture Training Systems course last summer.

Alex is from 3- Monkeys Fitness in Toronto, and he worked with Blaise from Blaise-in-Fitness based in Tabago.

Alex has released the fascial tension in Blaise’s right shoulder.  Note how her shoulder is longer and down on the right compared to the left.

We often stand people against the grid, seen here in the background, to measure the degree of change.

If you are NOT releasing fascial tension and proceed to workout with weights and impact or just daily living, you invite that tension into your tissue.

As we age the tissue tension can lead to pain and posture dysfunction.

For Blaise, if she didn’t learn to release the shoulder (trapezius tension, levator scapula) she may have found that the range of motion in her neck started to deteriorate especially with all her big impact, and loading that she partakes in her training.



Interested in attending our Fascial Posture Training Course in person? Here is more info on our specialized courses.