Directional Fascial Stretching For Joint Preservation

Stretching fascia and not just muscle fibers requires different techniques.

Fascial Stretch Techniques:

1) Add Resistance to all poses

ie:  In the photo Jess is spotting Lucy in a lunge position for quadriceps, hip capsule, and lumbar stretching.  The green line shows Lucy reaching up with tension through her arms and hands and keeping her spine long, not rounded at any point.  The stretch will open the lumbar vertebrae and the hip joint.

2) Hold the stretch for 10seconds with 100% added resistance in the direction of the green lines then relax less than 3 seconds.  Repeat the tension / relaxation cycle 10x per position

3) Always test the released side before progressing to the next side.  This is a great way to show how much tension is manifested in fascia

4) Fascial Releases open the joint lines so bones restore a bit of space between each other.  This allows for more joint play and impact absorption.  Do it over a life time to avoid joint replacements.

Let us know how you feel after experimenting with Directional Fascial Release.



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