Champagne, Gingerbread, Candy Canes and Chocolate

A Before the Holidays Detox

Such an exciting time of year, the party invitations are arriving and the stores are filled with delicious treats.  I’m looking forward to a December filled with fun times, family and friends, and of course some extra treats (chocolate).

Now I try not to go crazy but I will be indulging a bit more than usual.  This means that at times my body will be under considerable stress.  My hormones will have to cope with extra sugar and some late nights, my liver will be working harder filtering excess toxins and sugar, and the beneficial bacteria in my gut will be fighting to keep the anti-inflammatory, harmful bacteria from thriving (they love sugar too).  If things get out of hand I’ll find myself in a tired, moody slump in January.

In preparation for life’s indulgences I like to detox on a daily basis.  A daily detox helps the body stay in balance.  It can cleanse, be nourished and rest.  So now is a good time to go through my daily detox check list and make sure I’m doing everything I can to help my body as I head into the holidays.

  1. Keep in check habits that tax the body’s systems.  Save the indulging for special times of the year.  So minimal amounts of alcohol, caffeine, sugar, flour and processed foods.  Stick to a diet of natural, whole foods (organic of course).
  2. Improve circulation to help the body bring nutrients and oxygen to cells and carry away metabolic waste and inflammatory by-products.  This can easily be done with saunas, dry brushing and/or exercise.  Get sweating!
  3. Further enhance elimination of toxins by making sure the kidneys and intestines are working optimally.  LOTS of water (urine should be clear to pale yellow) and LOTS of fibre, every day.  If you are not having a regular daily bowel movement, if you are straining to go or your stool is loose, then take a daily fibre supplement such as psyllium or flax.  Aim for 50g of fibre a day.
  4. Continually support the digestive system with a daily probiotic either through supplementation or a naturally fermented food such as kefir or yogurt (homemade from grains).

And don’t forget to get 7 – 8 hours a night of good, quality sleep.  It is so important!  You need to give your body time to rest and repair. 

Next week I’ll share with you some more detox tips including how to look after your liver, the most important detox organ in the body.

Happy Detoxing!