Are Unnecessary Beverages Filling Up Your Bucket?

Last week we got you thinking about your bucket.  That is the empty bucket inside your body determined by your genetics.  Fill it up with chemicals, alcohol, stress and other threats to our cells and it can overflow leading to chronic inflammation and illness.  Empty your bucket with healthy habits like organic food, sleep and exercise.

An easy way to start filling up your bucket is through unnecessary beverages.  Our bodies just need water, that is it.  Yet the beverage industry is huge, tapping into our vulnerabilities like low energy, our sweet tooth and our need to de-stress.

Look at the cooler in the convenience store packed full of chemicals and sugar like pop, energy drinks, and chocolate milk.  There are trendy coffee shops everywhere with caffeine, chemicals and sugar.  And alcohol, a toxin, is such a big part of our social experience and often used as a coping strategy for stress.

Right now you are probably saying ok but I CAN’T get through my day without my pop/coffee /Red Bull/end of day drinks.

Yes you can!  But it requires some new healthy habits – the ones that empty your bucket.

When I help a client with dietary changes I don’t focus too much on their caffeine intake for the first couple of months.  It almost always goes down once a person adds in quality food in to their diet in the right balance at the right time.  The energy that comes with proper eating reduces the need for caffeine.

When looking at alcohol consumption it needs to move to the ‘treat’ category.  So it is ok to have a drink or two when socializing but not every day.  New healthy habits need to be formed to help a person unwind at the end of the day.  If alcohol is being used on a daily basis to bond with co-workers or even your partner try bonding over a divine, organic piece of steak and fresh spring asparagus instead.  Or sit down and have a chat over organic herbal tea and a piece of dark chocolate.

And now back to water.  It is all the body needs!  But remember that your water can be full of chemicals too.  The best source of water is filtered, either with a carbon filter on your tap (like a Brita), or even better a reverse osmosis system that can be installed in your home.

Is water too boring for you?  Try adding fresh lemon or lime to your water for an added health kick and taste or herbal teas as I’ve already mentioned.  Organic green tea is a great alternative to other caffeine drinks as it contains less caffeine and a whole bunch of health benefits including anti-inflammatory.

And one last tip to help keep your bucket empty, when your body is hydrated your urine will be clear to pale yellow.  Drink up!