Testimonials – FPTS


FPTS workshop was informative and enjoyable.  It allowed for discussion between people of different backgrounds which was also helpful.  Melissa is very knowledgeable and very focused as was her assistant Jess.  Thank-you.

Hala Haffar

Pilates Instructor

The course overall was great!  I loved how we switched off to different people for pinning and stretching so we could work on different bodies.  I want to learn more!

Christine Ellinger

I enjoyed the class size and the pace of the material.  I especially liked learning the fascial lines with the dots.  Great course!  Keep me posted for further courses.

Jill Holden

Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor

Great course!  Good balance of practical and theoretical methods.  I enjoyed the small class and it was comfortable to talk with everyone on breaks.  Thank-you!

Nikolai Gousser


Testimonials – Training / posture and alignment


I'm only 14 years old who liked to play video games and plays a lot of the stand up bass. After a while my upper back was killing me. Luckily my mom sent me to Healthy Habits where I spend an hour every week with Jessica. I can tell I'm improving every time. We focus mostly on ELDOAs which lengthen and strengthen the spine. It's been a great time for me and it's tons of fun!

Dante Hayes

I have always been busy and physically capable but after starting with Healthy Habits  I am more energetic and agile with greater strength and a sense of well being. Working with Melissa’s excellent and educated knowledge, I have adjusted my diet and feel better than ever.  The individual and personalized attention at Healthy Habits makes time spent there a delight. 

Adrian M Macdonald

I cannot believe that I have never experienced stiffness or soreness after a treatment or Healthy Habits training session – even though I have been put through some strenuous demands. 

Meredith Saunderson

Three years ago, my mobility was decreasing and my walking was slower.  After three years with the determined and encouraging Healthy Habits staff, I am moving much better and my quality of life is very enjoyable.

William J. Saunderson

80 Years and counting

I just attended Melissa Puts's Information Session and walked away with a completely new way of looking at food. The information provided was extremely valuable and very easy to incorporate into your daily life in regards to making better food choices. 1 Hour was not enough. I wish I had all day to talk to Melissa. I would highly recommend she come back again for another information session.


Tricia Corda

Digital Retoucher

St. Joseph Content

Hi Melissa,

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our discussion on Cholesterol. It was so very interesting. I found it informative and you've actually answered quite a few of my questions related to cholesterol that I just didn't understand before. High cholesterol runs in my family and it was important that I understand it a little more.

Thanks again for your visit. It is certainly much appreciated.


Indrani Battersby

EPM Finishing


Hi Melissa,

I want to thank you for all the informations you gave me about the cholesterol. 

I really appreciate, my husband has a very high cholesterol and his sister read an article where they said that oatmeal is good for cholesterol;

so, since then is eating oatmeal despite he was complaining before that oatmeal make him gain weight.

Now, with all the informations you gave me I can tell him that is better to eat parsley, garlic (which we grew every year in our garden). 

I presume this is always better to eat them uncook, isn't it?

This year, we will grow more of herbs and vegetables in our garden - if the squirrels and raccoons don't eat everything before us.

Eating healthier is a good lesson that I want to give to my daughters on a regular basic and 

they always happy when I prepare a plate of fruits or vegetables, and even sometime they ask for more, 

which make me very happy. 

They are some fruits and vegetables in the supermaket that I don't really know them but sometime I would like to try, 

but how to eat and prepare them is a mystery for me, may be you will know the name of a book that you can recommend me regarding this subject.

Thank you Melissa, and I hope that I will have the opportunity to see you again. 

Diane St-Germain Law

French Editor 

Pi Media

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