In 1995 Melissa completed her two year certification in Advanced Holistic Nutrition.  As a Registered Nutritional Consultant and Certified Personal Trainer she combined the two skills and practical experience to set the foundation for all Healthy Habits training programs.  Melissa returned to University of Toronto at 40years old to complete a degree in public health and human biology.  As well she has studied for 5 years under Tom Myers in Myofascial Integration Therapy, Erik Dalton, Myoskeletal Alignment Training, Gray Cooke, Functional Screening, and Paul Chek’s Stabilization and Functional Training.  She is a ACE, CPTN, and Canfitpro, certified personal trainer, STFA (Standardized Testing for Fitness Appraisal) and MES –  Medical Exercise Specialist certified.

She is currently three years into Osteopathic degree through the Montreal School of Osteopathy again focusing on posture and alignment issues.  She hopes to complete a thesis on thyroid dysfunction and cervical pathologies.  She is certified in Cranial Sacral and Reflexology.

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